Sunday, July 30, 2006

Drawing - Fun for All!

As an art teacher, I hear it all - from "I love to draw" to "I can't draw a straight line!". Drawing is a learned skill like many other endeavors, and this exhibit features drawing manuals from the 18th - 20th centuries. During this time period art instruction was not a specialty subject like it is now, but was part of a well-rounded education. When we draw, we "see" the world in a unique perspective. Through the use of our body and mind to record what we see, the barriers of inside and outside become blurred - we create a special experience for ourselves regardless of the artistic outcome. People these days take drawing too seriously when it is truly meant to be a fun, creative activity. Our ancestors appreciated it for what it was - a part of a well-rounded education!

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Elliese said...

:D I like drawing a lot! I have fun with it too. Usually when I am done, I look over it. I have noticed that some parts of the drawings are almost too detailed, and I was thinking that I drew what I thought it should look like, not copying what I saw. Like you said, "When we draw, we 'see' the world in a unique perspective," and I agree! I hope people would have fun with drawing and not try to be a perfectionist (because I know I am sometimes)! :)