Friday, July 28, 2006

Artist of the Week - John Singer Sargent

My last summer fling took me to Colorado to visit family members. I happily found myself one evening in the company of two other studio artists as our foursome attended a play. After our outing, we returned to our meeting point, one of the women's home that was absolutely packed with original art that she had collected. What a joy to peruse her collection throughout her home - drawings, watercolors, oils - work that she had either created or had collected. Now, she did not have an original Sargent in her collection, but we brought him up during our conversation, comparing another's technique to Sargent's. An American painter who spent most of his life traveling in Europe in the last half of the 19th century, he established a reputation for himself as "the" portraitist of the rich and famous. He was, however, a respected generalist in the sense that whatever he decided to draw and paint (landscapes, street people, genre scenes) he was successful at. Clicking on the Artist of the Week headline will take you to Natasha Wallace's website devoted to the life and work of John Singer Sargent. You will find out about his life and see a catalogue of his work that is available on the Web. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I like this piece, it's kind of makes you wonder where she is, what she is looking at, what is she thinking. The contrast of her pale skin against the black dress is nice I also think it prevents the art from becoming bland and ordinary. The fact that the woman is in the middle kind of keeps the piece from being occupied by too much negative space. The table on the side gives an asymmetrical twist.

-Jamilla E.