Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pencil Tip Art - Jennifer Maestre

LOVE this sculpture! Such a simple material - pencils along with the use of repeating a unit over and over. This work has a real psychological presence as well as being VERY textural! I think of Venus Flytraps, porcupines, sea creatures. I am drawn to this work and creeped out by it as well. I have the link attached to the Blog Title so you can see more. Unfortunately, this site has no information about the artist! I did a quick Google search to find out who they are, but was unsuccessful. Let me know if someone out there figures out who the artist is - inquiring minds want to know! Thanks, Mr. Martin!
**Update comment 10/24/08** Thanks to the high school art teacher in Lawrence, MA that found a link to Jennifer's work. I've put a hyperlink to her website in the post title - check out her work!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Janez Jevnikar - Sprayman

"Aerosolgraphia" (spray painting) is a fascinating technique for producing art and it not limited to surreptitious grafitti excursions. This artist uses spray paint to create complicated compositions. You can click on the the title above and visit his website. There you will see videos demonstrating his method of painting. Because of the nature of the acrylic spray paints, he has to work extremely quickly to get the effects he wants before the paint dries. In the video, he creates a scene in ten minutes AND his studio is on the street, so he is being watched the whole time by an audience. Notice how he works from back to the front in his compositions. He obviously has a great deal of experience with his materials and techniques to be able to work so quickly!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Contemporary Tapestries

Textile Arts are one of my biggest passions! As an art form, they continue to grow conceptually but also technologically as well. The descriptions below each tapestry at the Klaudia Marr Gallery exhibit in Santa Fe indicate an edition size of each design. The tapestries can be sold this way because of the electronic jacquard weaving equipment they are produced on. This allows the artist unlimited design freedom (the designs are read by pixels) as well as a limited production run of their design. VERY COOL!
The Jacquard Loom was the first piece of equipment to use punch cards to control a sequence of operations. Although it did no computation based on them, it is considered an important step in the history of computing hardware. This exhibit shows the best of artistic expression and technology - how exciting and how beautiful!