Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pencil Tip Art - Jennifer Maestre

LOVE this sculpture! Such a simple material - pencils along with the use of repeating a unit over and over. This work has a real psychological presence as well as being VERY textural! I think of Venus Flytraps, porcupines, sea creatures. I am drawn to this work and creeped out by it as well. I have the link attached to the Blog Title so you can see more. Unfortunately, this site has no information about the artist! I did a quick Google search to find out who they are, but was unsuccessful. Let me know if someone out there figures out who the artist is - inquiring minds want to know! Thanks, Mr. Martin!
**Update comment 10/24/08** Thanks to the high school art teacher in Lawrence, MA that found a link to Jennifer's work. I've put a hyperlink to her website in the post title - check out her work!


Elliese said...

Whoa! At first I couldn't even tell that they were pencil tips! (But now I can't remember what I did think they were. :( Something strange I guess!) I had to look up closely to see! When I look at them, they look like creatures you would find deep in the ocean.

I noticed, the person also used both sides of the pencil to show different... textures i guess you could say? I can't believe how they could do something like that with just pencil tips!

I also like the colors they chose! The colors almost fade into eachother. Its very pretty! And pretty amazing! :D

nishi said...

wow....really cool.....they look like real life sea creatures......creepy....but it sure is an amazing work......the colours....the shape....even the way the pencil tips are sharpened in angles give the sculptor real to life look.....