Sunday, October 28, 2007

Phil Hansen - Multi Media Artist

Thank you Sofia! I love it when my students turn me on to art out in the world!

This title links to Phil Hansen's website which shows an incredible array of work!! There are many kinds of artists working in today's world, but he is really unusual in that he works in MANY kinds of media. His art skills are so strong, he moves from one material and technique to another, playing with new ways to make art. Work on his site is made from matches, Starbucks coffee cups, chalk, text that is cut and pasted, and bibles that are cut up, resized and pasted. The self portrait shown here is made of wood, using a router and skill saw to remove material, then stained to create the image. He also gives himself a monthly challenge, or theme and creates art for the month using that idea. Check out his work - it is interesting and powerful!