Thursday, July 20, 2006

Artist of the Week - Chris Bliss

Amazing juggling finale. This video is really spectacular! Chris Bliss combines the Beatles, juggling, and his incredible sense of rhythm into a mesmerizing juggling performance. Click on the Artist of the Week headline to view the video. Enjoy!


Judy Krassowski said...

I found your site while searching for an artist friend here in NH - this is a great tool! Would you be interested in being ePals with my art classes for grades 6-7-8 here at Chester Academy in Chester NH, particularly for my 8th graders who are transitioning from a 700-student K-8 school to a 3400-student secondary school (Pinkerton Academy, Derry NH) - My focus for them is on self-image and view of a bigger world. Please check out my own website at - I'd like to set up a separate site, similar to your blog, for my students. Thanks!

James Cook said...

that was so amazing! i couldnt decide which i was more astounded by, how well he could juggle, or how well he put it in sync with the music!