Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More Food Art

I started with coffee, then we moved to watermelon, and now the beautiful eggshell! I think this is a theme that deserves exhaustive research (using food as a material for artistic expression). Food is essential to life and I posit that it is the same with art. No wonder the two merge into one beautiful expression! The skill level of these examples is really exquisite, the material delicate and the result has a luminous, fragile quality. Not sure what tools are used for this precision work (lasers?) - these images came to me without any credit. I did google egg shell art, and came across this website of Blackhawk's which is the following: . He gives a little background to this ancient art. Check it out!


Jay!! said...

Hey Mrs. Miller!!!

Hi! Um.. about those eggshells, well they were the most interesting eggshells I've ever seen!! I especially like the one that looks like a little city!!! Well just thought I'd leave you a little blog!! Talk to you later!!!! Have a GREAT weekend!

Sara Ramirez said...

Hi Mrs. Miller
Remember me, I was in your class last year! We'll during the summer I had the chance to go to New York and we visited MOMA. It was so AWESOME!! I was so happy when I saw some familiar paintings and was able to identify them. I miss your class! You are a Great teacher.
I love the egg artwork. Very intricate designs, love the one with the unicorn.

Anonymous said...

I think that the eggshell art is absolutely beautiful!! It has a lot of patterns and interesting! I could not do that!!
- Katherine Chernova

Anonymous said...

WOW! As Katherine said these are absolutely beautiful. Not only do they look impossibly perfect for such delicate pieces, but who would even think to do something like this. Very creative piece.

Anonymous said...

OMG! This is amazing!

I can't imagine how someone could do that intricate work and not crack the shell! I wish i could do something like that...

I wonder what kind of tools he used?

Maybe someone (me) should find out...

Taylor Hutchison
4th Period

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is absolutely AMAZING!
I love the way there was so much detail put on it. Especially on the mockingbird. The only thing i would argue about is that there is no color! It wwould make the eggs more intresting if they were painted on. Other than that this is truely something i would consider real art!!!

I also loved how the egg on the upper right kinda creates this cool optical allusion!

Vanessa Villanueva
2nd period

Anonymous said...

very nice,
lovely, intricate, and ornate. I've never really seen
any kind of texture like that on eggs, so I was pretty blown away. I've seen arabian eggs painted, but I've never seen them carved. This is fresh, since I haven't seen something like it before, nice to know what else is out there.

-Emma Schweitzer

Kaylyn said...

Okay, one word: awesome. XD