Thursday, August 31, 2006

Color Illusions - Check it Out!

Click on the headline and check out this site that has interactive color illusions. We don't really think about the relationships of one color to another and how they impact each other. They have tremendous influence on each other. The eye is easily fooled! See for yourself!


Adrian B, 2 said...

This was by far the best posts. The vibrant colors and fun applets on the link are great. Everyone should visit this to learn about color and how the brain interprits it.

Theo said...

This was awesome. I like the contrast between the bright colors and the black and white. Like it a lot!

Anonymous said...

I love this artwork! the contrast between the colors makes it look really cool. The human mind has different ways it interprets color, and everyone doesnt take the time to realize it. I also love the pattern it has.

-Emma Servin