Monday, August 28, 2006

Artist of the Week - Robert J. Lang

Check out this modern origami by Robert Lang! Over the last 35 years he has designed over 480 original compositions! They include insects, plants, flowers, figures and geometric. The artist creates each piece by hand folding special papers together. His commissions include web, print and television advertising. Click on the headline above and go to his home page. Prepare to spend some time there!


Anonymous said...

All of his work is just simply amazing! I’ve always been interested in origami, but I never even thought you could do this much with folded paper. Everything is so full of life and movement in a way so unlike the origami you see today. Thanks for such a unique find.

KC said...

I definitely remember this guy from when I did that origami presentation last year.

I tried to reproduce one of his works... but I failed miserably. At least I gave it a go, right?