Saturday, October 25, 2008

Student Work - AP 2D Studio Art

There is a wonderful little book I bought years ago entitled "Inspirations for Embroidery Mail - Book of Days" by Jytte Harboesgaard and Debra Virgens. The two women began embroidering equilateral triangles and sent them to each other as a form of communication. After many years, they had 48 embroideries that were collected into an exhibit at The Danish Museum of Decorative Art in Copenhagen. A small sampling of their efforts is displayed as a triangle montage.

I gave my AP Studio art students an assignment based on this idea...take a geometric shape and explore pattern, design and color in your own piece. I feature K.C.'s terrific solution, sans color, but with such strong design and precision of line the color is not needed. Her exploration is innovative and exciting! Bravo K.C.!!


scooter said...

this is a beautiful artistical rendition of transforming something as simple as a circle into a true work of art, exploring what u can do with just a simple 2 dimensional shape, adding texture an life to the art, good job K.C..

Benny R. Art p. 1 said...

I really enjoyed the circular piece with the little closing things obstructing the view of the circle. It looked like a telescope kind of thing, and was really cool for black and white with about the same thickness of line everywhere.

KC said...

Thanks Ms. Miller! I really enjoyed making this and I liked the simplicity of the medium. While I love painting and working with color, plain pen and paper really lets me get into more detailed work. Plus, it's easy to learn (assuming you know how to hold a writing utensil), portable, and no hassle to set up or put away.