Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Op Art

Victor Vasarely (1908-1997)Vega-Nor, 1969
Check out the display in the hall at school to see more of his work.)

6 days until the election - boy, the tension is super high - fundamental shifts in reality - seemingly polar energies in the country - 'you're either fer 'em 'r against 'em - crazy, wild energy.

I was thinking about the blog, trying to go to sleep, but I was just too wound up from a heated political conversation with a relative. There were also media loops and sound bytes circling in my head. Then it came to me: op art. That was totally it - two opposing forces in perfect harmony with each other. Typically, it's the high contrast and energy vortex of the lines that overtakes the frontal cortex. Rods and cones in a frenzy. The site linked in this post headline takes you to a FABULOUS, small website about Op Art.


Luis Espinoza said...

I really enjoy the usage of colors in this artwork. It makes the mind wander and go to another world. It gives off somewhat of a hypotizing feeling.

Adarshj said...

Seriously cool stuff!!! How does he get the sphere to pop out so much?

For more cool stuff:
Go to and type

Adarsh J.

Joy said...

Okay, so I do have a more detailed response than that, but first, I feel the need to say:

I have sort of the same question as Adarsh, except I stared at it for a long time at school (or something very like it?), looking at how math (particularly geometry) must have played a really large part in it (Yay! I did a rightbrain-leftbrain link op think, ha ha) because all the squares are so perfectly aligned, and then the sphere, and non-squariness of the squares and

At my middle school, whenever we would do a math-y geometry-y, the algebra (mrs. hoffman) and language arts (mr. hoffman, related in the way you think) would join together and we would have an AWESOME time to do a math/art thing (the english would always find its way in there, for instance, we would learn the etymology of the word, like... well, apparently learn for just long enough to get the grade. If anyone knows the word for putting several different seemingly noncorresponding shapes together to make a square or something? its Egyptian, I remember that.)
*hint* *hint* Most of have geometry and art on the same day *hint* *hint*

As for op art, the 'around' you assigned? I've renamed it: 'around, bridging the divide between YOGA: 8:30 and YOGA: 8:25.'

Joy H. 1st period

Nick Okafor said...

nick o
well, this art is awesome
i just had to say that
as i was scrolling through the blog, i saw that n i knew i had to comment

i want to find out how the ball purtrudes(not sure about spelling, but...) out of the painting

like what joy said, it must have needed some expertise of somewhat in geometry to get it equal and symmetrical yet having those features
also to have them all alligned is magnificent
the colors put into the art made it even better. it fit with the design of the whole thing

thats all i have to say for now about this art but you will here more later during school when i come up with more ideas

Benjamin C. 2nd said...

its fascinating to see how geometry and art can combine to form fascinating shapes like this one...

Anonymous said...

Cool Picture ! It's Awsome How They Got The Ball To Appear To The Eye Without Bending The Lines So Obvious ! It Shows Detail And I Looks Like It Took Time To Make This Painting ! It Look's Really Cool !

Cassandra H.

Hershey said...

hey mrs. Miller,

this peice is really cool... It makes you see things in a really different perspective.. and It kinda looks like something fell into the paper... as if it were almost like a tablecloth or a net and something like a ball or a frisbe etc. got caught in it...

hershey. p4

Quantum said...

I really love this kind of art, it seems so smooth - 2D yet 3D - but I feel bad for someone who has epilepsy and trys to look at this picture.

Broad colors, nice work in my opinion.

Sumner I. 2nd Per.

Anonymous said...

The image is very 3-D even without the glasses=)i think that the texture of this picture is cool i the contrast is also very well done.
Alan S.

Anonymous said...

this is a really cool artwork. it's interesting how the artist jused lines to make up the sphere and how he used complimentary colors to put empasis on it.

Samuel F.
4th period