Monday, September 01, 2008

I LOVE MY BLOG! I got a communication from a teacher of art classes for grades 6-7-8 at Chester Academy in Chester NH that was interested in being epals with me!

Judy Krassowski sent me this question to respond to, "This week 8-1 Art is working on a 10-figure pattern/linear or radial collage that features their colored pencil drawings of wooden figure models that incorporate pattern to enhance shape and form (we'll be posting all classworks on Artsonia in the next few weeks). From this project, we utilize classroom students as live figure models for a watercolor experiment and then (AND THEN!) we begin our charcoal (with a bit of eye color) self portraits! What advice do your students have for creating artworks of people whom you know?"

I can't wait to see your projects! They sound really interesting. Soooooo....what advice do I have? It's so simple and so hard at the same time, and your teacher may have said this to you before, but it bears repeating. Develop the way you SEE things! Many art students draw what they THINK they see, not what they actually see! Example - when drawing a person, we usually draw what we think the head (or feet, or hands) looks like instead of looking at the actual lines that are formed by objects. Notice what kind of lines are created in objects - straight, wavy, angled, so many kinds of lines. So LOOK while you draw and don't take your eye off your subject. The more you draw what you see, the better your drawings will become. Oh, and let me know how my advice works out for you! Send me a comment when you work on your projects! Good luck!

Ms. Miller


Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Miller! We're happy to be working with you! Our 8-1 Art Class is starting facial features and our self-portraits in charcoal this week. We've already completed a collage using wooden figure models and appreciate your advice to draw what we see, not what we think we see. I'll write more soon - your anonymous art student from the Chester academy 7,8s Art Club! C from CA 8-1

Ms. Judy Krassowski said...

YES! What a brave guy you are, C! Thanks for reading, and tell your classmates to check out Ms. Miller's blog! Do you have questions for her class? Check out the rooster hands - is this a great launching pad for The 7,8s Art Club, or what?!!! Ms. K

Anonymous said...

Hello! Not really sure what I'm suppose to be saying here, but I was told it's homework! (: Art class is actually a class I like, and now making it cross country by using the internet just makes it more interesting! So yeah, that's my response I guess!
-Lindsey 8-1

Anonymous said...

hello! i enjoy art class this year it is very interesting! i think it is really cool to be talking to people from across the country! in our art class so far we have been drawing wooden figures! so yeah thats my response!
-MT 8-1

david said...

really cool artwork umm dont really get what we're suposed to type about but alright then.

draganakills said...

Drawing of wooden figures? I'm so confused on how that has anything to do with an eye....=_=' But okay yeah...It's uhh..A good piece. Very vivid and intense. And intruding. It looks into the souuulll. =A='

Katherine Ward, 1st Period