Saturday, September 06, 2008

08/09 Academic Decathlon Image #1

Metropolitan Cathedral (Art during the Colonial Era)

This cathedral in Mexico City (also known as Catedral de Mexico) was built by Claudio de Arciniega and others, 1573–1817. Hernán Cortés (the conqueror) destroyed Aztec temples that were on this land and ordered the construction of a Catholic church built on the same site. The cathederal was built to look like those in Spain. Watch this short YouTube video - be there now! You can get more detailed information from this Wikipedia page.

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draganakills said...

Gorgeous. I like how the light was used. Quietly and subtly. I think it's nice. ^^ It certainly seems inviting. It could even be used in some sort of advertisement of brochure.

Katherine Ward, 1st Period