Saturday, June 17, 2006

More Coffee Art

Coffee, the elixer of our day, vital to productivity, but so much more than that! An opportunity for contemplation, play, fellowship, and Art!


Anonymous said...

Love the coffee art! Great Quote. Coffee will get me through any day.

helen said...

Hey! Ms.Miller what's up! cool coffee art..makes me want to go to starbucks!Hope your summer is going great!

Kaylyn said...

Hi Mrs. Miller! Honestly, i should have looked at/commented on your blog a looong time ago, but stuff just kept on getting in the way, you know? Anywho, coffee art is awesome! I've seen it featured before on food network and always found it to be really cool. Have you ever seen the coffee art where they get colored chocolates/syrups and used that to make it? Cause its really amazing. I've once seen one that depicted a person with surprising accuracy and detail. Must've been hard to do :D