Sunday, June 27, 2010

Art Competition to Rebrand BP Logo

I'm upset. I've watched this oil volcano catastrophe unfold and felt helpless and frustrated. Really, even those words can't express the sorrow and horror I have felt. What to do? I made a decision that this summer my blog will focus on art that responds to social and political issues. There is nothing new in this form of artistic expression but it has a power that can help turn thinking into action. I don't think we can call it post-postmodern anymore - where are we in the art timeline now? I'll be researching this over the summer to see what I can find out. For those of you checking my blog, I welcome your input.

To start, I ran across this competition of Greenpeace UK to rebrand BP's logo. Check out the responses. As I post this there is still a day left in the competition if you want to enter your design. Entry info here.

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