Saturday, April 17, 2010

Artist of the Week - Jud Turner

"GreedEater", April 2010, 48" x 18" x 7" (wall hanging), found object assemblage

Thanks, Dan, for bringing my attention to the work of Jud Turner! Definitely blog worthy!! His artist statement really resonated with me - I love reading about quantum physics (books for the layperson) and ponder about the dichotomies of life. Turner's work brings contemporary issues into the artwork and the viewer must grapple with them. Just last night, I was listening to a discussion on public radio's "Marketplace", about the ongoing saga of our nation's big bank greed and possible illegal machinations. How cosmic that I see "GreedEater" this morning made out of machine parts! Ha! It made me laugh!! Artists often reflect society in their artwork - it's powerful stuff. Check out Turner's website in the Post title to see more of his work - love it!

"Paradise Lost", December 2008, 12" x 10" x 8", found object assembley


iTeenageAnorexia said...

[Apologies if this is for your art class. I'm not a student ^^; ]

But I kind of like this one. It has a really steam-punk sort of theme to it. I think it shows time and such? It seems kind of ominous, I mean gears really freak me out for some reason. I was just watching that movie 2012, and there was this guy was was crushed between these giant gears ^^; I think that happened in Rush Hour 2 as well. ><; And you know, I think rusty gears in those old haunted clock towers. (:

Average Terran said...

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joven said...
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Molly said...

Love the artwork. I love the kind of industrial mixed with nature in the fish sculpture. A great contrast to show the differences and how each come together in ways we don't normally think about.