Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One good food art post deserves another

Garden Bento by Sakurako Kitsa

So the Charm City Cakes post was so fun and yummy looking, I couldn't resist finding another fun food post. Really - food art is so groovy! The color, texture and edibility are all so irresistible! I'm posting another blog post that collects different food compositions. Why don't you try to make a creation of your own this coming weekend!


Anonymous said...

I really liked how all the colors contrasted from each other. I think it is really beautiful because every space is full of a different color than the last space. It makes me think of my house in the spring with all of the flowers bloomed and the leaves a bright green color. L.H. 6-3

Anonymous said...

I think that the colors contrast a lot, making it more beautiful than if they all matched. I love this picture because, 1. its food and that's not really the first place you would think to look for art, 2. all of the colors make it a busy piece of artwork, which (in my opinion) makes it more interesting, 3. it also has a theme, nature, it has the flowers, the butterfly flying over water, then has a sandy beach (in my point of view), it makes it more interesting than just making an aimless piece of artwork (which can be interesting, sometimes.) This piece of art really makes me think of going down to the beach in the summer with my family. They have a little garden with TONS of beautiful butterlies.

cc 6-3 art

Anonymous said...

This piece of edible artwork is a fun and interesting way for the artist to express their thoughts. The colors clash in just the right ways and the texture differences of the dirt and the flowers fit perfectly into a beautiful picture.

Rachel Z. 2nd period

Kaylyn said...

I love Bento art! If you want I can give you a link to a bunch of other examples of this stuff! And they're even more amazing!