Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dallas Museum of Art Technology Teacher Workshop

Janine Antoni Lick and Lather 1993 (made of chocolate and soap)

I'm attending a great workshop at the DMA designed to help teachers incorporate technology into the classroom. This workshop is focused on blogging. Blogging is so much fun! I LOVE using it in the classroom and this year I have used it more than I ever have before.

As part of this workshop, we have been exploring the Center for Creative Connections. The museum changes the focus of materials regularly and the space allows visitors to have a more tactile experience with materials that artworks are made from. There is lots of stuff to touch!

The label for this piece says: "Through intimate acts and her choice of materials that will eventually disappear, the artist confronts her relationship with herself." There is a lot to consider here: the body is constantly changing through cellular replacement and the regeneration of organs and systems; we change every single minute of every single day; these materials are common and precious (have you ever NEEDED soap or chocolate and they weren't available at that moment?); both materials are plastic (meaning they are pliable and formable) and can be either inexpensive or expensive; the sculpture uses an additive process (adding the material to create the artwork) and a subtractive process (taking material away to change the artwork); how do we use additive and subtractive processes in our lives; how successful are we in the relationships we have with ourselves? Consider these ideas in regards to your own relationship with yourself - are you:

What ideas or questions are generated for you?


Anonymous said...

Justin goudreault

I like this picture because it is very cool and awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wow... I love the textures used to shape the figureheads. The lines are soft in some places, and hard where they need to be. My focal point is always centered on the faces; I'm capturing every detail! I cannot put into words the rythym I feel from these scuptures. It is... soothing, calm. The variety of chocolate and soapis interesting. And the proportions are just right. The contrast from the other figurehead is just so perfect! I think this is one of the best scuptures I have ever seen!
-EC 7-3

Nick P. said...

i noticed the distinct lines in all of the pieces which i liked. there is really nothing i don't like about them. i wouldn't change anything. EXCELLENT WORK!

Anonymous said...

I like the design of the picture and I think it looks really cool. I wouldn't change anything about it.

Natasha Martin

Madeline W. said...

This picture really makes me take into perspective all of the things that make me who I am, and how readily available everything I need is. I have my family, love... and sometimes some cheap chocolate. I love how the artist defined the chocolate sculpture, and smoothed the lines of the soap face. It almost gives me the impression that the soap sculpture is meant to bring you back to washing away days activities, and the chocolate one is meant to revitalize you, make you sharper. She did a fantastic job with the contrasts between both of the sculptures and they symmetry between them.

Madeline Watkins
Pre- AP Art 1/ Speech -2
March 23, 2009