Saturday, December 15, 2007

Driftwood Horses

I'm thinking about 3 dimensional art today and remembered this email I got from a friend a while back with pictures of horses made of driftwood. Really beautiful! One of the biggest problems for these works is balancing the sculpture since horse's legs are really thin compared to their body mass. I've linked the artist's website to the title for more viewing of the process as well as her work.


shortie said...

omg ms. miller, thats an awesome looking horse...i thought it was of a horse whos body have been decaded. thats really cool

Evie said...

Mrs. Miller! That is amazing! I love how the artist used materials that could be found where the picture was taken. It makes it seem like a miracle in nature.

James Cook said...

This is insane! Gathering the driftwood would be easy but putting it together, and finding the right shaped pieces to capture the horses design takes an increadable mind!