Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Art of the Rubik's Cube

There is a quiet craze in our school over the Rubik's Cube - students shuffle through the permutations looking for the "solution". Brian Chorr is the driving force behind the popularity. He recently sent me this link "Ms Miller, here's some of that stuff I was telling you about." with this link in the post title. Okay, Brian - it is blog worthy! I had no idea you could create patterns using this puzzle machine! I thought it had one desired solution (matching one color on each plane) - au contrair! Now I see the pure potentiality of artistic creation in rubik's dimensionality. Oh, and dear reader, as my students already know - multi is my favorite color! Viva Rubik!


Brian C. said...

There's actually a Space Invader exhibition at the Jonathon Levine Gallery in New York. Instead of using just tiles, Space Invader is now branching out to use Rubik's cubes to create his latests pieces. Space Invader

Here are some more examples:
Merry Xmas
Physicist's Rendition
Florence Rey Portrait
Astro Girl
Mona Lisa
Self Portrait
Super Mario Bros
Pac Man
Cube Mural
Art Blog With More Examples

Here are some algorithms used to create simple designs and the basic structures used in the larger scale pieces. There are different sets for the various cube levels, here's the 4x4:
Rubik Revenge Pretty Patterns

Evie said...

Brian! Those are so cool! I really like Astro Girl and Florence Rey. We should organize something like that at school, perhaps in art club. Of course that would require a LOT of cubes