Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama's Logo Design

Watch this video narrated by Mark Scheffler from Chicago: A Crain's Chicago Business video profile about the firm that developed Barack Obama's logo.

Logos are incredibly powerful visual symbols used in society. We see clear designs that are simple and direct represent complex groups of people throughout society. They play a very important role in Visual Culture by communicating quickly and efficiently. Obama's logo is new and exciting. Don't be surprised to see it in lots of places - even AFTER he's been elected president! What other people, places and companies can you think of that have similar "brands" or logos? Post a comment and let us know what comes to your mind!


Joy Hill said...

Oh my goodness! You actually put this up!
I was thinking about the logo, one day whenI had too much free time.
Not only does it use all of the the American colors, but it also symbolizes a rising sun over the stripes of the flag--which could also be considered as "waves of grain"
If you turn your head to the side the blue makes a D, but it's not the blue that stands out the most, but the red, as if it's saying that red matters too, because like it or not they do populate half the country.
Even if you don't support Obama, you can't help but notice how very cleverly it was done.
-Joy H.
1st period

Felicia Follum said...

I know it is a little late, but I writing a post about this logo design on my Art+ blog.

I think I will be posting it in the next couple months before the next election....

It has some great links in it too...Such as interviews with the designers and such. Thanks for posting this!

Felicia Follum